5 ways To Spot A Fly-By-Night Roofing Contractor
1) Unprofessional manner, attire, a lack of proper communication and knowledge of roofing systems. If the contractor cannot answer your questions, walk away.
2) One or two guys working out of a car or mini-van with no advertising or magnets advertising they are roofing contractors. Those magnets come off, as easy as they go on.
3) Below-average pricing on the proposed work. A good roofing contractor pays his insurance and employees well. He is not just out to make a quick buck.
4) If the contractor is extremely pushy to get a large deposit up front walk away!!! only a few years ago a Barrie roofing contractor was charged with fraud for taking homeowners deposits. Dont let this happen to you.
5) An established company would have invested a great deal in their company. Look for things like a proper website, nice vehicles, professional attire and presentation.